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Vivekanand (B.M) Senior Secondary School, Sirsa

An English & Hindi Medium Co-Educational Institute

Math Lab

The world would come to standstill without the use of Maths.It is an indispensible part of our lives.In spite of subjects being so important, it accounts for the maximum number of failure and a high degree of maths phobia; thus resulting in a poor attitude towards math.The reason lies more with the way the subject i presented and less with the child's aptitude. In order to facilate the childern in comprehending certain concepts and to transform thhis fundamental subject into an interasting learning experiance; it is desirable that it should be brought to concept through activities.This is what we are doing through setting up the maths lab in the school. The Lab is also equpped with computers to ue technology for learning.Childern see and prepare various poer point presentation related to maths.They connec Maths with other subjects thus developing interdisciplinary thinking.